History and Vision

The Buffalo Niagara Youth Chorus (BNYC) program includes two choirs: the Concert Choir (grades 3-7) and the Chamber Choir (grades 8-12).  BNYC is composed of approximately 50 singers, ages 8-18 who come from school districts and private schools all over Western New York.


The Children’s Chorus was founded in the fall of 1988 by Director John Fleischman, Jr. to provide talented young singers with a challenging performing experience, in a higher-level learning situation. Standards of excellence are pursued through self-discipline, confidence, respect, and enjoyment of quality choral music. Emphasis is placed on proper vocal technique, breathing, music reading, and interpretation.

Our Vision

To provide singers of any age the opportunity for lifelong musical enrichment, enabling the power of the human voice to educate, uplift, and transform communities.


  1. Foster the personal & social growth of chorus members & promote their sense of self-worth, self-esteem, accomplishment, and pride.
  2. Expose children and youth to the values and beliefs of other cultures and societies.
  3. Attain the highest level of excellence in public and recorded performances.
  4. Maintain Chorus membership that is open to children of all racial, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds.
  5. Contribute to the cultural life of Western New York, the nation, and the world.
  6. Increase the quality of singing in area schools by providing an organization which excels beyond the typical school choral experience.