BNYC: Virtual Edition

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The ongoing pandemic has changed much of what we all do on a daily basis, especially when it comes to what our children experience at school. Music, and especially singing, looks very different from school to school. Some have been able to offer some sort of choral experience, while others have been forced to cut their entire choral program for the foreseeable future. In most cases, if not all, singing is not currently permitted during general music classes in the elementary schools.

For many kids, music is their outlet and many feel an incredible loss with schools unable to provide a ‘normal’ music education due to various safety restrictions. So the Buffalo Niagara Youth Chorus is excited to announce BNYC: Virtual Edition for singers in grades 3-12. Our goal is to get kids singing again in a fun and exciting way, provide an opportunity for them to develop independence as a singer, and stretch them musically through various virtual activities. While we will hold out hope for a possible live performance come spring, we understand that we are in a very fluid situation. If a live performance isn’t safe, then a virtual recording project will be substituted.

As a parent, I understand how concerned we all are with the amount of time our kids are spending in front of a screen, which is why I am committed to providing a fun and exciting experience for your child that will get them moving and making music in such a way that they forget they are doing so virtually. Weekly virtual ‘rehearsals’ will focus on preparing 2-3 songs while incorporating other skill building activities such as:

* Movement

* Sight-Reading (melodic and rhythmic)

* Body percussion

* Bucket Drumming

* ‘Social’ activities

This session will run from January through the end of May, with rehearsals on Thursday nights from 5:30-6:30pm. The month of January is FREE for your child to check out what we are doing and if your child wishes to continue:

$125 – February through May

$100 – For siblings ($25 discount)

Registration information can be found Buffalo Niagara Youth Chorus Application or by contacting Andrea Shurtliffe at



Andrea Shurtliffe

BNYC Artistic Director