We singers of the Buffalo Niagara Choirs are thrilled to be embarking upon our Fifth Anniversary Season.

It all starts simply enough: arriving at the first rehearsal, greeting and catching up with friends after a summer apart, then sitting down and settling down. Because now the work begins, the wonderful – and not always easy – work of making music together. Because there can be no performances – no truly outstanding performances – without the rehearsing.


Singers breathe together:  "In, calm ..... out, release ...."

Singers breathe together: “In, calm ….. out, release ….”

Rehearsal begins in silence, sitting on the edge of our chairs, focusing on posture with our eyes closed. Stress of work dissipates as we breathe deeply. We stretch, sweep arm circles, and crinkle muscles in our faces, jaws, and shoulders. Over weeks, months and years, we practice breathing, listening, connecting, tuning and interpretation. Abdominals are engaged and strengthened, even cheekbones are more defined from the practice of creating open space for proper vowels. Mind and body integrate. These adjustments become automatic. We change. Imagine a master class in vocal performance every week … Brenda J. Cowe, alto

So, yes, this is what it is like for us. But, we’re not in this for ourselves. We need an audience … you, and others like you. Because then we get to share the privilege and joy of great music and what it is like to sing. And, frequently at Buffalo Niagara Choirs’ concerts, YOU, too, will have the opportunity to sing!

So, please join us for our Opening Concert, Sunday, October 30th at 4:00pm at the Montante Cultural Center (2001 Main St, Buffalo).  The featured work is Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, a collection of medieval monastic poetry – about love, Spring, drinking, and the inescapable Wheel of Fortune – set to music that is tender, lyrical, rhythmic, and absolutely knock-your-socks off thrilling. Our guests on the program are the wonderful Amadeus Choir of Toronto, with whom we performed this work in their home town last April.  And, our very own kids of the Youth Chorus have their own special part in this piece, too.  So, you won’t want to miss it!

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Written By Nell Mohn

By day, Nell is the Director of Strategic Development for MusicalFare Theatre in Amherst, NY. At night, she sings with the Master Chorale of the BNC, a group she helped found with several other crazy, committed, rebel singers, five happy and proud years ago. Currently, she also serves as Marketing & Development Coordinator for the BNC.